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Way2 Ecommerce is a digital agency which specialises in electronic commerce. We have got the expertise in Magento, and more than 10 years experience un planning, development and set up of high performance online shops. During these ten years we have customised, developed and optimised many e-commerce websites of all kinds and complexities: From business models for Magento B2B, markeplaces, developments for online shops with products for final customers (B2C). Our broad experience in Magento 1 and Magento 2 gets broader with the ability to connect and integrate our customers' online sales channel with any kind of external system such as CRM, PIM, ERP, etc that our clients' business model need.

Bet on a team of Magento experts

Your high performance multidisciplinary team. Trust a team that has been working with Magento ecommerce for more than teen years, trust your Official Magento Partner, bet on experience and quality

Why is experience in Magento so valuable?

We know that you are not looking for any kind of company offering services of consultancy, design or development e-commerce. What you are really looking for is "the company" which gives you the confidence you demand and which helps your company deploy and optimise your business model on the online channel. From Way2 Ecommerce we can tell you that our experience in Magento is based in a long walk of more than ten years focused on Magento development. But, apart from that, we can tell you that we have developers who are officially certified in Magento and we belong to the reduced group of companies that are Official Magento Partners. Can the other say the same? And now? Knowing that we are Official Magento Partners in Spain and that we have certified developers, Are you going to develop your Magento project with a company that does not offer these advantages?

Why a Magento specialised company? Why Official Partners?

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We at Way2 Ecommerce also like to walk in our clients' shoes. Clients like you, who wish to implement a new project of online sales, B2B or B2C, or who already have their own online shop but want to make a qualitative leap. You may have had a bad experience or your current platform got outdated and does not meet your needs. You may have chosen Magento as the e-commerce platform that will let you develop your digital sales channel. But, who should implement all the business logic and besides developt this new or improved online shop? Way2 Ecommercce works with both small and big companies, we love our job, improving and making our clients' online business grow. Can we say that it is because our experience in Magento? Yes, we can. Can we say that it is because our Magento certified developers? yes, we can. We also can say something essential to build up confidence in our clients; we can say that Magento has chosen us as Official Partners. Can the other agencies say the same? Probably no. What advantages does it have for our clients? Easy, Magento choosing us as Official Partners in Spain means that Way2 Ecommerce has the structure, a healthy economy, a certified consultants team and the required infrastructure to implement any kind of development online with Magento. Interesting that the platform validates Way2 Ecommerce as official developers, isn't it? But that is not all, these are the advantages that you as a client will find when choosing an Official Magento Partner such as Way2 Ecommerce. But... are we getting advantages of being Magento Partners? Definitely yes. Magento offers continuous training. Do you know what that means? It means that our team or consultants/developers tomorrow will be even more prepared that today when you finish reading these lines.

We mentioned it before, we love what we do and how we do it. We never stop learning and try to improve every that so our clients can have the best team of Magento professionals. We are all involved in reaching and even exceed the most demanding challenges you may request.

Knowledge and experience: What makes us Magento e-commerce specialists.

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Specialised in quality and high performance

Simply we do not know how to work otherwise. If what you are looking for is a ready-to-go template based store just "to try", we are sorry, but we are not the agency you need. We like to get involved in our projects the same or more than our clients. Only that way, squeezing details, defining the strategy plan, analysing performance, taking care of the smallest design details, analysing your sector trends, knowing the needs of every user involved in the project, understanding how your Magento e-commerce behaves in your omnichannel project and defining the strategy step-by-step we will reach the goals of sell more, sell quicker and with less resources and errors. Are you looking for a team like that for your new project? If the answer is yes... welcome to Way2 Ecommerce.

Developers with Official Certifications, 100% Magento specialised

When we talk about e-commerce development and we tell you that we are especialists in Magento what we want to say is that any customised development that you would like to make in Magento can be done. One of the main advantages of Magento as a platform is precisely that, the platform is not going to be a bottleneck in your e-commerce project. For the most demanding customisations there is Way2 Ecommerce. That is to say, you can rely on a team of developers 100% specialised in Magento 1 and Magento 2. From tailored developments for Magento, your own extensions or arquitecture definition and data model for your e-commerce. Moreover, as we told you before, we like to train and be updated, that is why we have been officially certified. But that is not all, we are a team whose members are integrated, we have been working together for many years and that is essential. We work as a team that meets the goals and and the most demanding challenges.

More than 10 year experience in Magento at the service of your electronic commerce

You may have previous experience with online sell websites or simply some experience in the digital world based on your current project or just experience based on the daily usage. There are many ways to face new functionalities, technological challenges or any new need for your e-commerce. Our methodology is simple (the simpler, the better): analyse, analyse and analyse. Only that way we get to understand, improve and offer the solution that best fits your needs. Furthermore, we are able to offer various solutions to your problems. Various? And what solution do we choose? The answer is simple, when that happens we explain all the options to you. We present the pros and cons of each one and analyse them with you to decide which one best fits your needs. In short: Quality consultancy which is customised, unique and exclusive for each of our clients.

Magento experience, a clear bet on success.

We shape Magento to offer customised e-commerce projects which meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Choose Magento experts because your online shop is not a common e-commerce project nor your business rules are like your competitors rules. The tool with which we create and improve your online sales website, the ability to find agile solutions to the challenges of your business and the experience of a technology partner that know how to implement its e-commerce experience make a difference between a successful online business model a and a failed one. Way2 Ecommerce gives its clients the specialisation of its professionals of the new technologies sector in support of you digital business. Our specialisation spans multiple field: E-commerce consultancy, specific developments in Magento 2 and Magento, customised designs to increase conversions and usability of the online shops (both B2C or B2B, where the final user is different for being a professional or distributor), training in the e-commerce platform, possibility to host your Magento e-commerce in an optimised server and exclusively designed to e-commerce environments which are very demanding, the digital strategy to implement, both for national markets and the internationalisation process to new challenges and markets.
For more than ten years we have been working for both small and big companies, some of them with international presence. On each of our projects we give the best of us. Only that way, analysing in detail every aspects of your online shop, helping to improve, optimising and automating all sales processes, offering solutions that make your business grow, we achieve our goal: Be the inseparable partner of all our clients, become the strategic partner of your company and get involved in it compañía y sentirla como propia. Your success is our success, we put our experience in Magento and our determination to make it real.

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