Magento B2C

Magento, the perfect solution for your online B2C shop

We design, create and develop strong and adaptable e-commerce sites so that our clients can sell more and better. Our online Magento based B2C shops are the perfect solution to build and boost any business model to take the leap towards the online channel. Our experts will make your e-commerce to be the best place to sell your products.

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Magento B2C

Magento B2C

Your worldwide online sales channel

Nowadays, the internet has completely changed the way we communicate as well as the way products and services are sold. In this new information era, companies unable to adapt and digitalize their products and services run the risk of loosing a great deal of their market share and eventually perishing. Online shops or e-commerces are a perfect tool to sell products globally thanks to the internet. Way2 Ecommerce Magento B2C sites are designed, developed and ready to totally adapt to the business model of our clients. Our official Magento certifications, our broad experience on the B2C channel, our taste for detail and client satisfaction are the guarantee Way2 Ecommerce applies to all its projects.

Magento, the perfect solution for your online B2C shop

For more than ten years, our team of consultants has specialised in development, deployment and improvement of Magento online shops. Our broad experience in the B2C channel and our vast knowledge of Magento ensure that your online shop is the perfect website to sell your products and services to the global customer,besides of being the best way to show the image, values and advantages that your company offers to your customers.


Way2 Ecommerce Magento based B2C online shops will help you stenghten and boost your company’s image and sales to a global audience. Our goal is to adapt your e-commerce to your business model. Discover some of the most important functionalities of Magento B2C sites.

Reducción de costes


An online shop is a good way for your company to considerably reduce associated costs on the sale of your products. Unlike a brick-and-mortar shop, an e-commerce has no operating expenses such as rent expense, electricity bills and shop attendants. Once your online shop is uploaded to the server and after receiving the necessary training about how to correctly manage a Magento shop, your online sales channel will be ready to receive orders and show your products to the world. Obviously, costs related to maintain a Magento e-commerce are a great deal lower than a brick-and-mortar shop, that is why this is a hefty reason to take a chance on a B2C online shop in order to expand and implement your business model.

Su competencia ya vende online


Adapt or perish. If your direct competitors are already using new technologies and benefit from sales growth and customer satisfaction they give, it is high time to do the same. If your competitors are on the internet selling online, why don’t you do it? If, on the contrary, our competitors do not sell online, this might be the right moment to create your Magento B2C shop and take advantage of that gap in the market to be the first to sell online and have a new channel where expand the business. Whichever the case may be, having an online Magento B2C shop will only benefit you final results.

Más ventas


An online shop will let you expand your brand and products as far as you wish. With a Magento B2C e-commerce you will gain more customers and opportunities. Either because it will let you expand internationally or because in your national territory you will reach those market niches where your company has no physical presence and, therefore, you could not sell products in case of the lack of the visibility and functionalities an e-commerce can offer. Apart from the fact that your B2C e-commerce will let you reach places hard to imagine before, it will generate en extra customer confidence where you already have physical presence, for you will offer the possibility of buying your products on the internet and your customers will have the guarantee of having a brick-and-mortar shop where being attended. That is to say, your online channel will build customer confidence resulting in the increase of sales.

Siempre abierto


It is broadly known that one of our most precious treasures nowadays is simply time. Time is an appreciated value and each user does a series of tasks with it which are limited. When purchasing it happens exactly the same. A brick-and-mortar shop has its opening and closing times and it is usually far from home or your job, which makes us expend and extra time to go there and return. The aforementioned does not apply to online B2C shops. Your products are available with a few mouse clicks and your customer will not have to move to buy them. Your orders can be made from your customers’ sofa or workplace during the 24 hours of the day and the 365 days of the year. This makes a great difference between online and brick and mortar shops.

E-commerce Magento B2C, the step forward your company needs

Way2 Ecommerce online B2C shops guarantee the correct fit in your business model. Our broad experiece, our customization skills, our taste for a successful customer experience, our customised designs, our ERP integration service and many more extra advantages Way2 Ecommerce offers are our best calling card to help you achieve all your goals.

Magento B2C - Consultoría


Our e-commerce consultants are experts in Magento and have a broad experience on the B2C sector. We specialise in transferring your business logic to the new Magento B2C e-commerce so that your customers can reach your brand and products easily.

Magento B2C - Desarrollo


Official Magento certified developers at your disposal. If your online shop needs any custom developments they will be done by the best Magento developers.

Magento B2C - Evolución


Once your online B2C shop is settled, we will help you improve your Magento B2C. Our e-commerce consultants will guide you in a constant B2C e-commerce evolution process so that you can have an online channel which meets your expectations.

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