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Our Magento e-commerce training will help you manage the dashboard of your online shop without any problems. We are experts in the Magento platform, our e-commerce training will help you understand all the features of the Magento framework so that you can configure, adapt and manage your Magento’s admin panel depending on your needs.

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The e-commerce training you need to squeeze your Magento online shop

Magento is the current market-leading e-commerce platform. Its multiple functionalities, together with the capability of Magento to be extended using third party modules or customised developments, make Magento the most suitable and preferred e-commerce platform for companies and individuals who look for an e-commerce platform which allow them have their business model on the internet. Nontheless, Magento is not an easy platform to administrate initially, above all, if we want to squeeze it and our experience in this kind of platforms is short. In Way2 Ecommerce, as experts in projects based on Magento, we have developed Magento e-comerce course with whom you will learn and understand all Magento features to use them on your online shop.

Our Magento e-commerce course is aimed to train the staff of your company who is responsible to manage your online shop's admin panel. We focus on the following aspects:

Advance categories management

Gestión de categoríasLearn how to manage your online shop categories with our Magento e-commerce course. Create new categories and subcategories in Magento, organise the categories tree of your online shop, add descriptions, products, extra information and learn all its multiple functionalities with our Magento e-commerce course.

Tax creation and management

Ecommerce trainingYou don't know how to manage taxes on your online shop or you need to update them or create new VAT types?. With our Magento e-commerce course you will learn how to manage, configure and edit the taxes on your Magento online shop so you can change them every time you need it in an easy and quick way.

Email templates customisation

Plantillas de correoMagento e-commerce course will show you the easiest way to customise the email templates of your online shop. Learn how to customise the emails the framework send, adapting them to your requirements. Configure email addresses and your company image. Our Magento e-commerce course will show you how to manage email templates of your online shop so all the mails Magento send are adapted to your company image and your corporate identity.

Discounts and catalogue rules

Reglas de descuentoWould you like to create a coupon with discounts to your customers? Manage cart rules. Create discount coupons or cart rules for all your customers or for some specific group of customers. Increase sales with Magento e-commerce by learning how to manage discount options which will let you offer better prices and sales to your customers. With our Magento e-commerce training course you will learn how to manage discounts and catalogue rules of your online shop.

Shipping rates configuration

Gastos de envíoWith our Magento e-commerce course you will learn how to configure shipping rates on Magento. If you want to update your shipping rates but you have never done it and you do not know how to do it, with your Magento e-commerce course you will learn how to quickly update your shipping rates each time you need it. Magento e-commerce course will show you how the different shipping methods work so you can learn how to configure them and offer them to your customers.

Order management

Gestión de pedidosWith Magento e-commerce training course you will learn Magento's order lifecycle. Manage your customers's orders. Learn how to invoice orders, send them and add comments. Magento e-commerce course also teaches how to create orders from Magento's admin panel. Create orders from scratch, register new customers and manage their orders. With our Magento e-commerce course you will be able to solve all your doubts regarding orders in Magento.

Static page and block management

Gestión de páginas y bloquesManage your online shop static pages and blocks and squeeze them with our Magento e-commerce course. Quickly add new content to your online shop and customise the existing content easily. Optimise your page creation by doing them SEO friendly. With our Magento e-commerce courser you will learn how to manage and create the static content of your online shop.

Product creation and configuration

Gestión de productosLearn how to create products in Magento. Magento has several product types: simple, grouped, configurable, etc. Learn how to create the most suitable products for your business models. With our Magento e-commerce training course you will learn how to configure prices, volume discounts, VAT types, images and all the features your products need.

Magento e-commerce training is not an inflexible course which means that it can be totally adapted to your needs. If you already have experience in some aspects of your online shop but you would like to improve your knowledge about those features of which you might not be aware or you are not taking advantage, our course can be adapted can be customise to focus on those aspects you like. We offer an e-commerce course completely custom-made to our customers' requirements. From a Magento course that covers all Magento's admin panel features to a customised course that focuses on those features you are interested on. Magento e-commerce training course not only is the best solution for those online shop managers who want to learn all magento features from scratch but also for those who want to improve their knowledge on some parts they are not fond of or they never used.

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