About Us

We are a certified Magento ecommerce agency

We could say that we have a magnificent team of professionals who master Magento. We could also say that we develop and boost the omnichannel strategy our clients. We could also argue that our developers are Magento certified and that we are Magento Solution Partners. We could also add that we have agreements with the best technology parterns of the sector or that we will make you reach those goals you find unreachable, or even that we are able to make your project a reality as you want it to be. But, although all that is true, what we want you to see is what our clients say about us.

We love to do what we do and we think that our clients feel it. Through our work we transmit trustworthiness and confidence.

These are their opinions:

Where we come from

Way2 Ecommerce is made up of a team of Magento consultants and developers who have been working elbow to elbow for more than 10 years. Some time ago, we used to be the web development and e-commerce B2B and B2C team of a couple of big consultancies (Cesser and Grupo Euclides). We used to develop projects for big accounts such as the Thyssen Museum, Confortauto, Audi Volkswagen, Feuvert, etc, to which we delivered a 360ยบ service, until we managed to create our own business project. Rather than squeezing our resources to make more profits, we decided to make things different; not better, not worse, simply our way. We take care of even the smallest details, giving our resources (and friends) a working routine which is enjoyable and they are comfortable and identified. To us, that is the magic formula to reach success and the total involvement of our company in each of our projects.

Anyway, if you took the time to read until here and you want to know us a bit better, we invite you to watch this video of the three cofounders of the company. Believe us, they are good people in spite of what it can seem. Nontheless, why don't we talk or arrange an appointment? You might have a lot of questions about your project, we are looking forward to know them and help you.