Lola Cruz

Lola Cruz is a great fashion brand that transmits strength, a lifestyle and infinite passion. Her creations are a compendium of the best materials with a perfect design for day to day. It is a minimalist footwear and bags ecommerce developed in Magento 2.

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It started in 2004, Maria Jesús Gozalvo inherited from her father the passion for the world of footwear and the impulse to create a brand that would be the materialization of her dreams.

She launched her first collection in 2000 with 30 designs representing each of the women she looked up to and had around her.

Maria Jesús Gozalvo creates the perfect footwear for today's woman's day-to-day, to walk around the city, dance in the fashionable club or for a work meeting.

«A pair of shoes never leaves our atelier without having tried them on first» Maria Jesús Gozalvo, Founder and Creative Director of Lola Cruz.




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