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Our ecommerce services are the key to improve, boost and optimise all your online shop needs. If you are thinking about jumping into e-commerce or you already have an online shop but you are not having the expected results, our e-commerce services may help you define and improve our goals.

Way2 ecommerce

Check our e-commerce oriented services and request information about how we can boost your busines.

E-commerce update


Don’t let your online business get behind. With this service of constant update, we offer developments, modules, customisations and all kinds of improvements to increase your online shop conversion rates. We keep your Magento up-to-date, safe and stable to maximise customer comfort and online confidence, increasing therefore your sales volume.

Keep up-to-date

Conector Magento - ERP


Make your online shop and your ERP get connected. This service connects Magento and your ERP so that customers, orders, products and any other information can be shared and sent between your Magento shop and your ERP to have all your sales will unified and have a permanent order monitoring of your e-commerce. Focus on your business and let your e-commerce automatically communicate with your ERP.

Magento ERP

Formación Magento


Magento is the most complete e-commerce platform of the market. Our Magento ecommerce training service will help you master Magento and solve any kind of doubts regarding your online shop management as well as make the most of it, know your customer needs at all times and create sales strategies based on them. Learn how to manage your daily tasks on your online store with our Magento training courses.

Magento courses

Consultoría Ecommerce


The best team of e-commerce experts to adapt your online shop to your needs. Our E-commerce consultancy service offers the best solutions to totally adapt your online shop Magento to your business model so it can be a leader on the internet market. Our broad experience in Magento online stores creation on different market segments makes us capable of boosting your online shop by implementing the last trends in e-commerce.


Magento multi-idioma


Expand your online shop to new markets. This e-commerce service will help you plan and configure your online shop to internationalise your business. Customise your online business and adapt it according to the needs of your new target. Open your business to the world, make your product reach more customers every day and make the most of the possibilities that the internet and your e-commerce can bring to your business model on a global market.


Desarrollo Magento Ecommerce


f your Magento does not meet all your requirements, this e-commerce service will extend the functionalities of your online shop to adapt and customise Magento to your business logic. If you can define your needs, Way2 Ecommerce can make them real. We customise your Magento online sales platform and adapt it to your business requirements. We also simplify the sales process with an easier browsing so that your customers can find what they are looking for quicker.


Optimización Magento


With our Magento optimisation service you will never think that Magento is a slow framework. We make the most of your Magento and optimise your server with cutting edge technologies in order to increase the speed of your online shop. We detect bottlenecks that prevent your online shop from growing by implementing a better and nicer user experience to your customers which turns into a sales increment.


Diseño responsive Magento


Make the most of the omnichannel experience and make it easier to your customers. This service is designed to customise and improve your customer’s browsing and purchase experience on devices such as smartphones, tablet pc and any kinds of devices. The use of mobile devices to make purchases online is growing every day; improve customer experience by adapting your e-commerce to all kinds of screen and devices.


Way2 ecommerce

E-commerce services

Our consultants’ vast experience in developing Magento e-commerce guarantees the success of your e-commerce site. Your Magento site will be the perfect tool to commercialise your products online and strengthen the communication channel between your company and your customers.

Way2 ecommerce

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